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The Writings of Michael Servetus

Michael Servetus began his literary career at the young age of 20.  In the 42-44 years of his life 1, he authored or edited some 10 books.  They are as follows:

On The Errors of the Trinity 1531
Dialogs On The Trinity  1532
On the Righteousness of Christ and His Kingdom  1532
Ptolemy's Geography 1535
The Apology against Fuchs 1536
The Syrups 1537
The Discourse in favor of Astrology 1538
The Second Edition of Ptolemy's Geography 1541
Biblia Sacra 1542
Biblia Sacra, 7 Vol. 1545
Chistianismi Restitutio 1553

Those actually written by Servetus in general can all be obtained through two books:

bulletThe Two Treatises of Servetus on the Trinity: On the errors of the Trinity.  Dialogues on the Trinity, On the righteousness of Christ's Kingdom/ Wilbur, Earl Morse, 1932 1969
bulletChristianismi restitutio and other writings/  O'Malley, Charles Donald.; Fulton, John F., 1989

It is unfortunate, however, that the Christianismi Restitutio is only available in English in the above stated edition, containing about only ten pages dealing with the lesser circulation.  The remaining portion dealing with his theology is not yet available in English

1.  There is a bit of question as to whether he was born in 1509 or 1511.

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